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Master Qwans Mahjong

Check out the perfect “Master Qwan’s Mahjong”: you can play with background customization and expand the game to full screen. This is a themed mahjong with Chinese characters, traditional tiles: “bamboos”, “dots”, “flowers” and “seasons”. Enjoy the classics!

Do you want to learn how to play Master Kuvan’s Mahjong: for free, in the online version? This is a cool multi-level mahjong, in a good classic style design. Finding a pair of tiles trains attentiveness and develops the ability to analyze.
How to play

Look for identical free pictures (not covered from the sides and from above). Most of Master Kuwan’s Mahjong spreads are pyramids or other piles, which means a large number of blocked moves. If you have any difficulties with the passage, use the help:

new layout.


You can play Master Kuwan Mahjong online, for free and without registration, but the time is kept – a timer for 20 minutes. With limited time, the brain is forced to work with concentration, at an increased pace.