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Mahjong Cards

Add card solitaire to mahjong and get a cool game of paired cards! This is exactly what the creators of the free game “Mahjong Card Solitaire” (Mahjong Card Solitaire) did: they put a full deck in 15 piles and offered to disassemble it like mahjongs – connecting cards by rank. After they added a new solitaire cartoon animation and the main characters: the princess and the king.

Expand card mahjong in full screen, it’s easier to play and it’s more convenient to sort pairs. According to the story, the player who managed to lay down all the cards on the level will be able to conjure a magic castle! Play with ease and don’t rely on luck alone! A good strategy in even stacks, in a situation where you can use one of the three cards to remove, use the one that covers more cards.
Instructions for Card Mahjong Solitaire

Simply select two matching cards to remove them. Try to clear the circle as quickly as possible, so you will get an additional speed bonus. If you manage to consistently remove 2 pairs of the same denomination, you will win twice!