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Mahjong Connect 3

This free Mahjong Connect 3 game is based on the Pair Up classic, but with a lot more adventure! The main action of mahjong lies in the name “Connect” (connection) – you need to connect pairs of unlocked tiles to remove them from the field. You can play in full screen and replenish the standard number of tips for earned points.

After loading the game, a slideshow with a story about your mission will appear. One beautiful country of the East lived peacefully under the auspices of 4 ancient gods. The envious evil demon destroyed the divine seal of the four Mahjong tiles and subjugated the world to new laws. The elders of the realm are calling for a hero capable of defeating the demon in a fair fight with mahjong connect.

How to play

According to the classic rules, the goal of the Mahjong Connect game is to clear the screen by connecting the same tiles and earn points.

The first start of the game activates the Mahjong Connect 3 tutorial explaining how to use the important tools, shuffle and link hint, with identical pairs of tiles.

You can only delete unlocked pairs. It is important to remove all tiles from the board before the timer stops.

What are blocked mahjong links

A tile is blocked if it is covered by another.
Communication is not possible if both sides of the tile (right and left) are closed.
You cannot delete an image entwined with chains.

After you clear the first screen, the current score, time bonus, combo points, and backer bonus will appear. In the store, you can exchange your earnings for bonuses: replenish the number of tips and update the right to sort.

Between levels, you can activate and then renew the power of the totems of the four ancient gods. Each totem is unique: they can be used to increase the score, eliminate tiles automatically, add time to the clock, and remove chains.

“Mahjong Connect 3” is considered one of the best games for the development of concentration. Finding connections in mahjong improves visual perception. The limited time condition spurs on the search and gives a good incentive. Make the game as comfortable as possible: play in full screen and let your brain get a good boost!