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Bug Mahjong

Be amazed by free Bug Mahjong (Beetle Jong Mahjong): you can play in full screen and take your time! Collect mahjong without regard to time and enjoy funny animations. In Beetle Zhong, instead of Chinese dominoes, pictures of funny insects are used. Connected pairs gracefully fly, crawl funny or jump away!

This game requires a different browser to run!

To play a flash game from 2021, you need a Flash-enabled browser – Maxthon. You can download it on the official website: https://www.maxthon.com/mx5/. Read more here.

This Mahjong is the most convenient of all that you have ever seen. Clear graphics and stunning voice acting in the spirit of wildlife will definitely set you up for relaxation and distract you from your usual activities. Try to play and see!
Benefits of Beetle Jong Mahjong

you can play in full screen;
the game shades the pieces that cannot form pairs;
everything is in Russian;
play without registration online;
with the “endless mahjong” option, you can play without being distracted by starting a new level, each time in a different scenario.

You will play according to the rules of Mahjong, but instead of difficult to distinguish Chinese characters, you will get cute and understandable images of insects. The order of the domino numbers will replace the image of a herbarium and tablets with dew drops.

How to play

The goal of the Beetle Zhong game is to remove pairs of matching elements.
Find a pair of identical chips, free on the right and left.
As in the classic Mahjong, “Beetle Jong” allows pairing of two (even unequal) chips of the same suit.

Mahjong suits: “Flowers” or “Seasons” – consist of 4 different pictures depicting flowers and weather icons.
Clues in Beetle Zhong

If you’re stuck and you can’t see the matching chips, press the light button. This is a hint on the playing field, mahjong itself will mark a suitable pair for you. At the start, you will receive 5 tips, the number of subsequent ones is unlimited, but penalty points will be removed for them: 100 points each


If there are no more combinations available on the board, the game will offer to shuffle everything, if you agree, 100 points are taken from you and all the chips on the field will change position.

With the Beetle Jong game you can play simple or complex mahjong: limit or add bonuses – ideal for beginners, interesting for seasoned gamers! See for yourself, enjoy the game!