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Mystic Mahjong Adventures

We invite everyone to Mystic Mahjong to play the new connect 2 puzzle game for free to restore runic magic and improve your mindfulness! Imagine yourself as a magician of all the elements and subdue the symbols of the magic circle. Try pairing them up very quickly to complete the witchcraft weaving in 5 minutes.

Experience a new way to play Mahjong Mystic (Mystic) on a double-sided board. This will add variety to your gameplay and give your brain the best possible workout!

How to play

Match the mystical mahjong tiles in pairs and erase the mage’s ring within the allotted time.
As in normal mahjong, only tiles with a free side are played.
To see more pictures, flip the base by clicking the circular arrow.
Connect the same tiles several times in a row and get bonus points.
Magic rings can be dragged to an adjacent field by pressing and dragging while holding the left button.

Follow the instructions of the game and you will understand the rules very quickly. But to win, you need to complete all five levels in 5 minutes. We recommend playing Mystic Mahjong in full screen: this way you can see the tiles better and it is more convenient to search for matches. Have a nice game.