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Hotel Mahjong

Are you sure all mahjong games are similar? So you haven’t tried playing Hotel Mahjong online! This is an exclusive multi-level connect pairs game in Russian. Solving new beautiful mahjong puzzles, it’s like exploring a hotel’s country mansion with entertainment for guests. At the same time, you always see the number of possible matches, you can shuffle the board and use hints without restrictions. Ready to concentrate and take on the challenge of playing Hotel Mahjong? We wish you a pleasant stay!

Welcome to the Hotel Mahjong mini-game – play online in the free version without downloading and registering. The most striking feature of this mahjong game is the time trial with prizes, beautiful design and 5 new types of puzzles in each challenge.

Variants of the game “Hotel Mahjong”

Start playing with the “Classic” level – this is a traditional style of connected mahjong puzzles where you are looking for two identical tiles with a free edge.
“Triple Mahjong” – a game of matching three identical chips instead of two. If you do not select the “no time” mode, you must remove all tiles within the time limit.
“Free Slot” – Some mahjong tiles can be placed in silver temporary storage slots to unlock other tiles.
Mahjong “Section” (Split) – you need to connect the tiles from the golden square with the free chips of the game board.
“River pair connection” (River) – match identical pairs of colored tiles in which the connection line is refracted no more than two times. It sounds complicated, but in fact this is a common principle of the game of connect mahjong. When you click the first chip, an imaginary line appears to help you decide if the matching chip matches the condition.

As you progress, you will receive trophies for achievements in the timed layout: the faster you match tiles, the sooner the bonus counter with a guaranteed prize fills up.

Game features

Free “Mahjong Hotel” online version without registration and download.
5 timed mahjong levels with prizes and bonuses.
You can play in full screen on your tablet, smartphone or computer.
Russian interface.

The faster you match tiles, the more efficiently the bonus meter fills up. When the bonus meter is full, you will earn the claimed prize. For example: extra time, shuffling or more points.