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Mahjong Deluxe

Looking for free Mahjong Deluxe for PC? Stop looking – this is the very simple “Mahjong Deluxe” to play online without time, registration and download!

Here is the best simple mahjong game to play without the bells and whistles, flashing lights and storyline. It does not even take into account the time and statistics of victories. And when it’s not about the points scored and the number of stars, attention is focused only on matching tiles. Therefore, playing a simple Mahjong Deluxe without time is pleasant and useful: the game helps to get rid of stress and put your thoughts in order.

Game Features

Simple game mechanics, laconic design.
The image of the suits of tiles, traditional for the Chinese game of mahjong since the Qing Dynasty, is supplemented with numbers.
The number of move hints and the number of shuffles vary depending on the chosen difficulty: from easy for beginners, intermediate to advanced skill level.
Implemented the ability to play Mahjong Deluxe in full screen on all devices.

The very first computer solitaire “Deluxe Mahjong” (Shanghai Mahjongg Deluxe) began to be played in 1986, at the dawn of the spread of the programmed learning system. Since then, the rules and gameplay of the puzzles have changed many times, until they came to a logical simplicity that is equally close to mahjong fans and beginners.

How to play

The objective of the game in Mahjong Deluxe is similar to Pairs Solitaire: you need to find the same unblocked tiles and remove them to complete the level. Match pairs of free tiles (not covered by others either on top or on both sides). If there are no matches, use the player’s help system: a hint or shuffling tiles.

Explore all 8 classic Mahjong Deluxe puzzles online and keep playing as long as you like. Because each alignment will give a new experience.