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Farm Connect 3

Experience the legendary Farm Connect 3 mahjong connection in a full screen version, one of the most requested pairing games. Here are 9 levels of fruit mahjong, the rules seem obvious: connect the same images of fruits and vegetables to remove them from the board. Indeed so, but this mahjong is not as easy as it seems!

How to play

Let’s start with the advice to play Fruits and Vegetables 3 free online mahjong in full screen – appreciate the advantages of good graphics. Thanks to the accurate detailing, you will quickly orient yourself, a pleasant color scheme will relieve visual tension.

Game features

The main difference between Mahjong “Fruits and Vegetables 3” from other “pair up” games is that you can control the passage time. The duration of each level is fixed, but with each removal, the counter stops for a few seconds. If you manage to connect a couple more, the movement will reverse, get extra seconds. The key to winning is maintaining a good pace of the game – don’t give up if you see a close loss – keep pairing fruits. “Recovered time” may be enough for early cleaning.

The second feature of Fruits and Vegetables 3 mahjong is cumulative hints. At the start of the test, you can open 6 pairs of pictures. If you use them to learn the functionality, then in the next level you will get help only once. To win the whole mahjong match pairs of fruits and vegetables without clues, so save the perks to the last levels.

As the levels increase, the principle of the game changes, the number of repetitions in the images of fruits and vegetables decreases. You start playing a simple mahjong “connection” of fruits and vegetables: remove paired pictures, unlock access to the next connection – build a strategy based on the stable position of the tiles. Starting at level 3, get ready to play moving mahjong. When deleting the active row (column) of pictures is shifted, taking the freed space. The map of fruits, nuts, vegetables is constantly changing, which means more opportunities to make a productive move.