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Mahjong Dynasty

Free connection game “Dynasty Mahjong” is a Shanghai solitaire in the best traditions of the online version: you can play without time, open many levels and enjoy beautiful graphics in full screen. But unlike the adult-oriented Shanghai Solitaire, Dynasty Mahjong is perfect for kids and teens. Not because of the abundance of scenery, but thanks to a thoughtful interface, additional bonuses and a relaxing atmosphere.

Welcome to Shanghai online mahjong “Dynasty” (Mahjong Dynasty): play for free in full screen, without time and ad views. You can save your game progress and accumulate the bonuses you win to complete more difficult levels.
How to play

In each of the 100 levels of the Mahjong Dynasty game, the tiles are shuffled and randomly stacked into a multi-layered pyramid of a certain shape. Your goal is to dismantle the constructed piece by removing two identical unlocked tiles in one move. A knuckle is considered playable if it is free on the left or right side, and is also not covered by another tile.

Attention: matching mahjong tiles must be of the same value and match their suit (dots, symbols, bamboos, dragons and winds). Even the four tiles “Flowers” and “Seasons”, which usually match in different combinations of their category, are also supplemented in pairs in the game “Mahjong Dynasty”.

The game ends in victory if you managed to spread all the pairs or in defeat when there are blocked tiles on the table. Bonuses are available: “hint”, “shuffling”, “deleting random pairs”, “returning the move” and “highlighting matches”.