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Duck Pond Mahjong

Do you want to play mahjong in the duck pond? Do not rush to answer! Russian online mahjong “Duck” for free is ready to amaze! Admire the pastoral views of the village pond in the background, and by removing suitable stones, clear the pond. You can play slowly, at a relaxing pace, or really challenge yourself with timed mahjong.

Features of Mahjong “Duck”

You can play without time, in full screen.
Unlocked the full version of 24 levels, including complex “Zodiac Signs” layouts.
Easily distinguishable design of paired tiles: instead of Chinese symbols, there are domino dots and attributes of the life of a duck family (feather, egg, water lily, reed, etc.).
Records and bonus rewards for a good game.

How to play

Find two identical tiles in the pond and click one by one to remove them.
Only those tiles are removed that can move to the left or right without touching the neighboring ones.
Eliminate all obstacles before the time runs out (3 minutes) and get an additional bonus for the next game.

Attention: the daily game “Mahjong Duck Without Time” has a relaxing effect and is aimed at strengthening visual memory. A high-speed layout – teaches you to concentrate and win. Alternate game modes to your liking and get the most out of mahjong!