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Birds Mahjong

We invite you to Birds Mahjong – play online for free in the newest adventure from Dream Pet Link! Find yourself alone in the trap of the temple of enchanted birds and if you manage to tie a pair of identical stones, you will see a miracle. Tie a couple of tiles so that the tie of the magic flower destroys the stones and the birds from the Garden of Eden fly away!

The new “Birds Mahjong” is a connect-pair game with a mystical entourage of hunting for enchanted stones. Help get rid of the strange boulders before the timer runs out. You will have fun and test your ability to quickly navigate in space.
How to play Mahjong Link Birds

Explore rock signs and connect them in pairs. This is possible only in the case when the sides of the tiles are free from neighbors, and the connecting right angles do not refract more than twice.
Game features

54 levels of Birds Mahjong of increasing difficulty;
the gameplay is based on visual analysis and is suitable for any age;
easy to play on any device in full screen.

Learn the trickiest ways to play Birds Mahjong Link and be careful as the problem gets harder as you level up! Let’s challenge ourselves and beat the highest score records!