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Om Nom Connect 2

Remember Om Nom the candy eater from Cut the Rope? The little monster is back with a game of New Year’s Mahjong and is ready to share the feeling of the holiday for free! Connect pairs of matching tiles as soon as possible to collect all the gifts of the level and advance further.

Hurry up the game “Om Nom Connect 2” – play online for free in full screen, without registration and download. Help the cartoons get ready for the holiday, prepare treats and decorate the house. To do this, lay out each New Year’s Mahjong from pictures, connecting 2 identical tiles until the playing field is cleared.

Features of New Year’s Mahjong “Om Nom Connect 2”

This game is the Christmas edition of Om Nom Connect with a New Year’s design and festive voice acting. The default memory-developing mode – the player collects pairs for a while, which also improves concentration and reaction speed. The game record is saved automatically without player registration.

How to play Om Nom Connect 2

Choose the right pair of gifts or cartoon characters to remove them from the playing field. Click on 2 identical tiles that can be connected by a line that rotates no more than two times vertically or horizontally.

To be a valid pair, identical tiles must be:

next to each other;
connected “directly” without crossing other chips;
connected by a continuous L-, S- or U-shaped line.

Place all the tiles within the allotted time to win the level and collect your gift. Shuffling – changes the alignment of the entire field of play, which will help break the deadlock when suitable combinations run out. Hint – Shows a valid pair. When the allowed pairs run out, the game will ask you to use layout shuffling. If there are no shuffles left, you will lose the level. You start playing with 2 boost bonuses. Each level won brings points or a new useful prize.

Pay attention to the behavior of the tiles in each level. Some Om Nom Connect layouts are stationary throughout the game. But most active rows or rows slide left, right, up, or down when tiles match. If the tiles fall in the same direction, it often makes sense to use the pairs on the opposite side of the screen first and make every possible pair before moving the tiles. We also recommend saving shuffling by strategically pairing pairs to avoid blockages.