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Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong

Expand the classic Shanghai Dynasty mahjong in full screen and immerse yourself in the game of the sages of China. This is a logic puzzle to develop concentration and improve visual perception.

The game has an alternative name: Shanghai Mahjong, but the original – Shanghai Dynasty – fully reflects the essence of the game with difficulty levels for different ages.

To play children’s mahjong, press the “For Kids” button (for children) – open the game table with a low pyramid of tiles with clear markings in the form of geometric figures and numbers.

Under the button “Shanghai” (Shanghai) – a pyramid for adult mahjong “Shanghai Dynasty”.

Make passing the game easier by displaying it in full screen mode. This makes the markings easier to see and easier to play.

How to play

The essence of mahjong is simple: you need to remove all pairs of identical tiles from the board. To do this, consistently click on free pairs. Tiles are removed when free pairs match The main difficulty of Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong and other similar ones is in the blocked position of most tiles.

Matching conditions in mahjong:

a tile is considered removable if it is not covered by another and is free on the side;
Just like in chess, in mahjong it is important to think ahead.