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Jolly Jong 2

Try “Jolly Jong 2” – a beautiful free mahjong with hints in Russian and in good quality graphics. According to reviews, this is an elite mahjong: the most convenient and simple – you can play without time and registration, in full screen.

The difference between classic mahjong and Jolly Jong 2 is small: both games follow standard Chinese solitaire rules. Unlike Connect and Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong, there is no Hint button with matches or a time counter. Instead, all loose gems are highlighted, while blocked gems are dimmed.

The second plus: “Jolly Jong 2” – Russian mahjong with hints for the number of moves and a detailed tutorial.

How to play Jolly Jong 2 Mahjong

The goal of the game is to remove all pairs of pictures. Tiles are removed unless blocked by others and covered by the top row.

The game has 21 levels, with different layout patterns: you can play all kinds of Chinese solitaire: pyramid, ring, arena and many others. The game method repeats the traditional one with the only difference: after the first move, the tiles move towards the center.

Let’s summarize the advantages of the logic game “Jolly Jong 2”:

it’s free mahjong;
interface with prompts for the number of moves and highlighting open tiles;
play without time and registration;
in Russian;
good quality, hieroglyphs are duplicated by numbers.

Expand to full screen to play mahjong with maximum comfort. Have a nice game!