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Fruits Mahjong

Finally, you can play fruit mahjong in full screen with HD quality, absolutely free and without registration in social networks. The new online game Fruit Mahjong will prove it. It is so convenient and simple that it will easily teach basic skills to children and will be of interest to adults.

The difference between fruit mahjong and classic

The game is based on the Mahjong Pyramid solitaire rules, where the oriental style of ancient symbols is replaced by a pleasant theme of exotic and garden fruits. According to the way to play the online version of the fruit mahjong, it repeats the Solitaire Connect tile solitaire, where the tiles are placed in 5 layers and partially overlap. To decompose everything, you need to gradually match the free slabs with the same patterns.

Fortunately, there are 2 types of tiles in the multi-layer design: darkened and highlighted. All playable, free tiles are highlighted, and darkened ones cannot be used until the illuminated tile that touches them connects with another tile and, in turn, is allowed to play.

The best result of the game is shown at the top of the table. Below is the number of possible moves (this is an indirect hint for the player), the shuffle button and the level counter. There are 51 layouts in total in the game, but each online fruit mahjong game is different from the previous one. Because the random number generator changes the location of the fruit with each new launch. You will never get tired of the game, even if you pass the same level twice.

How to play

There is nothing simpler than the conditions for playing fruit mahjong: connect pairs of fruits and vegetables, freeing the playing field from the collected tiles. Play faster to beat your personal best and get a tougher test of attention.

Few people know that the Fruit Mahjong Solitaire game is very useful for those who have difficulty with memorization. A quick match search is good for training short-term and long-term memory. In addition, many mahjong players find it relaxing and soothing, and replacing Chinese characters with fruit is an appropriate adaptation. Check and decide for yourself.