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Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect

It is better to play the fascinating Butterfly Mahjong in full screen mode, so you can quickly complete the task. The game does not need to be downloaded, it is always at hand online and for free! Connect the same wings, then the butterfly can effectively fly away from the playing field.

The original name of the game “Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai” translates as “Mangjong Butterfly Kuodai” solitaire. It is based on the rules of the ancient logic puzzle “Majiang”, capable of sharpening the memory of everyone who dares to play. Here is the same game in an adapted design: with moth wings instead of paired tiles, with Russian translation of the rules and funny animation.
How to play

You can test the power of the game right now – you need to collect the wings of all the butterflies and free them from captivity! But not everything is simple: only adjacent elements are combined or accessible without obstacles and diagonal intersections. The outer wings are also considered open to adjacent planes. Try it, you will definitely succeed! In each level, you can peep the correct way to connect the wings three times. But do not rush to use the hint right away, save it until the end of the level, when it will be more difficult to search for pairs. The game goes on time, which spurs on the speed of passage! By the way, each connected pair slows down the counter!
Butterfly shuffling

To simplify the task in “KyodaiButterfly Mahjong” there is another important function – you can change the position of the wings with the “shuffle” button. In this case, all the spaces you open are preserved, only the order in which the wings are placed changes. Have a nice game!