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Simpsons Mahjong

Cool news: the online game “The Simpsons Mahjong” is available for free in full screen, hurry up to play! Everything here is simple, but very “sticky” – just in the style of Homer!

The goal of the classic mahjong game is to remove pairs of pictures to clear the field. The main difference between the Simpsons mahjong is the removal method: you will get rid of the interference with a single click! In fact, a group of two chips is destroyed: all the same images of the Simpsons, touching horizontally and vertically.

There are no “template” pictures (tiles that have different images, but match according to the principle of a single group, like “flowers” ​​or “seasons” of mahjong). But there are a lot of duplicates with the characters of the Simpsons, which simplifies things! So, for example, in level 1 you will find more than 30 pictures of the blue-haired Marge Simpson, which for mahjong means a lot of matching opportunities.

How to play

Click on groups of identical pictures of the Simpsons, get points for this and the gradual accumulation of the “dynamite” bonus scale.
Keep in mind that mahjong is two-layered, if you remove both levels, then there will be a gap in the pictures and the tiles surrounding it will fall.
The hint function is enabled by default, it is not taken into account by the counter, as well as time. If you get stuck with the search for pairs, the game will tell you the possible moves with a noticeable flicker.
As soon as the moves run out, a bomb icon will appear instead of the cursor. Click on any extra image to remove it.

Features and Options

Mahjong “The Simpsons” is laid out with a multi-layer mat 9 by 17, with a different number of pairs, depending on the level of difficulty.

The game does not support changing the appearance in perspective, it is better to expand the mahjong to full screen, so it is easier to distinguish the Simpsons without eye strain.

The Simpsons Mahjong is a fun and light-hearted game, but it remains a powerful training in brain skills: concentration and ability to analyze. Liked? Then check out “Mahjong Gorilla”, with similar game mechanics!