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Chinese Mahjong

Don’t know how to pass the time to be fun and useful? We bring to your attention an excellent solution to this problem. Super interesting Chinese Mahjong Solitaire game which can be played for free will captivate the player for a long time.

Since this fun is analytical, it contributes to the development of skills such as attentiveness, logical thinking and quick wits.

The principle of this puzzle is very simple. Game chips are arranged in columns. On each of them, completely different drawings are depicted. It can be numbers, letters, hieroglyphs, or there may be no picture at all. Among all these chips, there are pairs that have the same picture. It is necessary to make sure that they are side by side. As soon as this happens, they will immediately disappear. There is still one “but”, you can only use the top rows. When the couple disappears, the rows close. At this point, a new identical combination can form.

The drawing of a game chip may differ only by a dot or dash, so you need to be very careful.

This solitaire has many levels, as soon as one is completed, a new filled playing field will appear, even more colorful and more difficult to play.