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Mahjong Gardens

Welcome to the logic game Mahjong Gardens, a heavenly place to relax after hard work. Here you can play mahjong in full screen and enjoy the beauty of Chinese solitaire for free and without time, in full.

The rules for playing Gardens Mahjong are simple: you need to remove tiles by matching them in pairs. Only “free tiles” that are not overlapped by others on top and are not connected on the sides can be connected.

How to play Mahjong Gardens

Look for a couple of free tiles. Three suits of mahjong: dots, like in dominoes, “bamboos” and symbols are connected according to the principle of identical images. Any two flower tiles in mahjong can be connected and removed together. Similarly to the “flowers”, the “seasons of the year” are also removed: any two together. You have an unlimited number of hints and 3 possibilities to shuffle the dominoes.

The main trump card of the game “Mahjong Gardens” in cool visualization: with the removal of dominoes, birds and butterflies flutter, the overall color scheme sets you up for rest and relaxation. You will play in Russian from the first launch of the game and will be able to choose a comfortable setting mode.

This version of Mahjong Gardens has 6 different layout templates with 3D display graphics. By changing the angle of inclination, you can estimate the height of the layout and find out the number of rows.

The layouts of the game “Mahjong Gardens”

Classic: pyramidal tower in 5 levels, from 150 tiles.
Mahjong arena.
Hole: a rectangular tower of 60 tiles, 4 levels.
Ring: mahjong of 96 tiles – the easiest and most convenient, for beginners.

Try each one and find your favorite type of Mahjong puzzle. To the chirping of birds in the garden, you will hone your visual perception and improve your ability to concentrate without noticing it!