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Mahjong Titans 2

Welcome to Mahjong Titans 2: play for free in full screen version. You can choose from six layouts: turtle, butterfly, fortress, two towers, smiley, pyramid. The complexity is different, but in each case, a paired arrangement of some chips on one tier and a fractional one on different ones is guaranteed. Will mahjong solitaire come together this time? Let’s find out! Have a nice game.

Chinese Solitaire Mahjong Titans 2 is a puzzle game with layered layouts. First appeared in the logical mini-strategy “Mahjong Titans”, supplied with standard Windows.

Game features

The free Mahjong Titans 2″ can be played in full screen, without time (for points). The shuffle, undo and free hint functions are immediately available.

How to play

As in most mahjong games, the goal of Mahjong Titans 2 is to disassemble a figure from chips, removing 2 open tiles in one move. The bones that are open for play are highlighted, but initially a tile is considered unblocked, which can be easily moved without touching the others on the left or right.

The strategy of the game depends on the form of the initial layout. The classic mahjong is represented by many figures, with a different number of open stones on the upper tiers. Obviously, the narrower and more compact the arrangement, the fewer options to make a move.

The most famous mahjong layout is “Turtle”, which is laid out from top to bottom as the blocked fragments are opened. Pay attention to the counter “available moves” at the bottom of the screen. An increase in the indicator or a decrease by one is a good sign, because the number of available fragments is decreasing. If the number drops sharply, cancel the last move and look for other tile matches.

The “Hint” function automatically displays a free pair of chips, click on one of the selected ones to remove it from the field. Use this tool sparingly: only 5 attempts are available.