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Mahjong Gardens 2

Mahjong Gardens is the most interesting, complex and dynamic game among similar ones from the Mahjong series. Its gameplay and passing rules are very different from the classic. The main task of the player is to disassemble the figure, which consists of a huge number of layers with the same pairs of chips. The destruction of the figure will be somewhat more difficult, since there will be blocked chips on the field and in order to destroy them, you will have to add the same pair twice. The only thing that has been transferred to Mahjong Gardens is that tiles are unlocked when there is space on the left, right, or top.

This fun activity has many benefits. First of all, the gameplay is not limited in time, so you can take your time and carefully consider the playing field. Secondly, there will be three clues. After using them, new ones will not appear. So do not rush to click on the hint at the beginning of the game, as practice shows, the most difficult thing is at the end.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose the figure that you like more. There are five completely different designs to choose from. Mahjong Gardens can be played in full screen, it will make the gameplay more efficient and much more interesting.