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Christmas Mahjong

Welcome to Christmas Mahjong: play online, for free and in full screen. So tune in to the New Year holidays in advance, because the main thing that distinguishes this game from the classic mahjong solitaire is the theme of winter, New Year and fun!

Start playing Christmas Mahjong with New Year attributes instead of Chinese characters! Combine pictures of snowflakes, decorated Christmas trees and snowmen, let them bring joy to your favorite puzzle. The essence of the game from the New Year’s changes does not change: connect pairs of matching, unlocked tiles until you clear the entire board. Play against the clock and without limits in hints. Let Christmas carols, a lot of mahjong layouts in the shape of mistletoe, gingerbread man, Christmas tree and garlands remind you of the happy time of the New Year holidays, entertain and cheer you up.

The hint helps to connect pairs by highlighting the same pictures, but takes 100 points.
The New Year’s Mahjong pyramid is multi-layered, but the ability to change the display perspective is not supported, so it’s better to play in full screen, in the maximum window size.
All blocked tiles are dimmed, making it easier to find matches.
Time is counted down from the moment when the game started.

Playing Christmas Mahjong is not as difficult as the Chinese counterparts Shanghai, Mahjong Gardens or Master Kuwan, but it’s still fun and rewarding to play! By sorting the tiles in pairs, you will improve your attentiveness and speed of thinking. If you love puzzles and can’t wait for the New Year holidays, then it’s time to play right now!