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World of Warcraft Mahjong (WOW)

It is better to play the cool “Mahjong Warcraft” in full screen: this way the connection of pictures from the famous game “World Of Warcraft” (WOW) will be more interesting and convenient. This is the first free WWII puzzle game (in the original WOW CONNECT v.v1) and its main difference from similar Mahjong games is the ability to choose thematic levels and accumulate hints.

Each of the 9 levels has a specific race and associated images. Let’s start playing Mahjong war elves, orcs and goblins from Warcraft. The next levels open in stages, with increasing difficulty.

How to play Warcraft

The game follows the rules of mahjong connect, in the spirit of the cool World of Warcraft game. You need to connect paired pictures to remove them faster. The goal does not change: collect all the same unlocked pictures as soon as possible before the energy in the ball runs out. The layout of mahjong changes, the number of pictures and the style of the game: after deletion in a row, the pictures can move up or remain motionless.

How to stop time in Mahjong Warcraft

Connect the same pictures to clear the field before the timer expires. If matching pairs are removed too slowly, a countdown starts. But each time you remove a matching pair of pictures, a small amount of time is added to the timer. This is a reward for a quick game of connect! Keep the pace high to stop time.