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Fruit Link

Time to play cool Mahjong Fruit Link is an online game in full screen, with 2 types of logic puzzles and the best quality of 2018! You can play fruit mahjong for free on your tablet or phone, it’s easy and fun!

We invite you to the new Fruits and Vegetables mahjong: play for free online in full screen and without registration in social networks!

Everything is great in the new fruit mahjong: cool fruits and vegetables, convenient controls and the ability to play in two modes to choose from.

Adventure mahjong game mode features a multi-level map with multiple easy and difficult objectives to keep you interested for as long as you want! On the one hand, you play “pair fruits and vegetables” against the clock. On the other hand, you explore the fruit country, fight bosses and collect prizes. At the same time, you get β€œstar” resources to exchange for cool bonuses:

– freeze fruits: play mahjong without time;
– blow up any pair of fruits and vegetables;
– shuffle chips;
– suggest a move.

The game mode “Test” (Mahjong Challenge) challenges your ability to play very fast, to the limit. Gather maximum fruits and vegetables in 1 minute. In the mahjong challenge it is allowed:

– connect pairs with a straight line with no more than three turns;
– play without time stop, shuffle and hint bonuses;
– for quickly harvesting fruit, the Bomb bonus counter is filled, use it to score more points.