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Mahjong Shanghai 2

Mahjong is an ancient oriental game that was often played at leisure. It has reached such popularity that, taking it as a basis, a huge number of games of the same format were invented and developed. One of them is the equally popular Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong 2 game, which you can play online for free. This puzzle game is very interesting and you can play it for a very long time, as it is incredibly voluminous.

The meaning of the game is very exciting and riveting the player to the screen, not allowing you to be distracted for a minute. In this game, you need to find all possible combinations of chips that have the same images. But since there are a lot of pictures, you have to be very careful and focused. Pictures will meet in the form of hieroglyphs, numbers, icons. It will be very easy to get confused, but this has its own interest. By clicking on a pair of identical chips, they will disappear and at the same time bring bonus points. There are a lot of levels here, so it will be very easy to pass the whole boring evening. As soon as the playing field is cleared at all levels, the player will win. Be prepared for the fact that after the top row goes down, new chips will appear.