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Mahjong Titan Turtle

The free Mahjong Titan Turtle game will appeal to those who like to play in full screen match-pair logic puzzles. Based on the rules of an ancient Chinese board game, it turned out to be more accessible and unusual. Test now and enjoy the walkthrough!

The original name of the game is Mahjong Titan Turtle, which is associated with a mystical monochrome design and mysterious writing instead of Chinese characters. You play against the clock: in the allotted 10,000 seconds, you must clear the grid of Jade’s alien symbols by choosing the appropriate pairs. Matching conditions as in the classic version: the tiles must be unlocked and free, both on the short and long sides.

How to play

Mahjong Titan Turtle uses 36 types of tiles, 4 of each. The goal is to match and eliminate identical pairs. You can play in full screen – it’s more convenient to compare. If you get stuck, click on the “HINT” button in the lower right corner of the game screen. This action will highlight the two available tiles, making them glow brightly. Use the hint feature sparingly, each will cost 100 points of your total score.

The game develops observation skills and analytical thinking. By using 4 pairs of each type of suit, a special strategist’s flair is acquired – you see what the choice of a certain pair in mahjong leads to and you can predict which move is more effective and opens more hidden tiles. Ready to play right now? Go ahead, enjoy the game!