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Midas Mahjong

Everyone who loves mahjong games and all sorts of different connect puzzles is looking for the best versions of the classics. Particularly interesting is the free multi-level mahjong with tips, without taking into account the time and registration of players. And when large tiles with numbers are easily distinguishable, layouts are diverse, graphics please with clarity, and controls are simple – it’s a pleasure to play. Join and check it out!

Meet a novelty among multi-level mahjongs – the game Midas Mahjong, interesting with 3D tiles, achievements without registration and a huge set of tips. Try to play the best multi-level mahjong without time online, in full screen of any device.

Midas Mahjong rules

“N” paired stones (the number depends on the level) is laid out on the table within the layout. Your goal is to collect all the pairs. Click on two identical stones to remove them from the layout. Match conditions: at least one free side of each chip and no blocks on top.


– multi-level layouts to choose from;
– classic interface in Russian with buttons for quick hints, cancel, shuffle and retake the layout;
– statistics of defeats and victories for each level;
– 50 interesting layouts;
– hint of the number of paired tiles available for assembly;
– customizable game view with a choice of themes and pictures on the chips, in particular: “Classic Mahjongkong” and “Smilies”;
– tiles “Mahjong” and “Mahjong Titans” are marked with numbers for the best perception.


The help of the multilevel game is implemented in each mahjong through the quick access button bar. At the top right, you can see the number of pairs that can be assembled in the current layout. The hint will add a colored background to a random one among the free tiles. Is the move wrong? You decide! Touch the undo button to return the tiles to their original position. If you do not see any matches, use the hint of available pairs or click “shuffle”. The number of shuffles in deluxe mahjong is not limited, but it affects the game score.

The daily game of multi-level mahjong without time is free, but it is interesting not only for its general availability. Rather, the ability to quickly relax and easily improve concentration skills. Each layout allows for billions of possible shuffles. Therefore, the game is always interesting, regardless of the number of solitaire games played out. So much the better, because online pairing of tiles is much more useful than it seems. We wish you pleasant and useful accomplishments!