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Microsoft Mahjong

Heard the news: the best mahjong in Russian from Microsoft is now online and absolutely free! This means you can hone your skills without registering players and downloading, even on a tablet, smartphone or TV. What is the reason to cheer up your brain? Join now!

Welcome to Microsoft Mahjong – play in full screen online, for free and without time limits! Learn the rules right now and test with maximum comfort. And when you are sure that you have the best multi-level mahjong in Russian, interesting, beautiful and convenient, save the bookmark to return at any time.

Features of the online game “Microsoft Mahjong”

Many levels of mahjong in Russian, with hints and a new “cancel” system.
You can play complex or simple mahjong without regard to time, change themes and type of tiles.
Daily tasks that allow you to score points throughout the month and compete with unfamiliar players.

Recall: the computer version of the game “Microsoft Mahjong” is also in Russian and is free, but does not save progress in the “guest” mode, requiring a Windows account. The updated online format allows you to play Microsoft Mahjong without registration and downloading. Therefore, it is always available, regardless of the power of the device and browser.

How to play Microsoft Mahjong online

Choose the layout and one of the mahjong difficulty modes: easy, medium, hard, expert. By default, 14 multilayer layouts are offered: from the classic “Pyramid” (Turtle) to “Cat”.

Next, collect all pairs of mahjong by touching open tiles with the same picture. An exception is the tiles “Jokers” (in classic mahjong unpaired assemblies “Flowers” and “Seasons”). They connect in any order within their group. For the convenience of playing online, Microsoft Mahjong highlights them with a special color.

Try to plan actions to score more points. Use shuffles and hints less often.

Finally, an important secret: all mahjongs without time, like Microsoft Mahjong, promote relaxation and improve brain skills. In particular, they develop attention, short-term memory and mental flexibility. Play online more often and have fun!