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Real Mahjong

If you enjoyed playing Real Mahjong in full screen on your computer, check out the new improved version for tablets and phones, with excellent graphics and a whole hundred levels with different types of mahjong! Meet the elite mahjong “Shanghai” – a titan among Chinese domino puzzles. This game includes 100 levels of different configurations of multi-layer mahjong “turtle”: including 12 Chinese horoscope animals, flowers and alchemical symbols.

We invite you to Real Mahjong for different mahjongs – play online in a free version without registration and download.

The Real Mahjong game is the best version of the classic tiled puzzle game based on Chinese domino rules. We recommend it to anyone who wants to “stretch the brain” at lunchtime or relax at the end of the day. Soothing sound and visual effects create a pleasant atmosphere and are sure to help you relax.

Features of Real Mahjong

An important difference between Shanghai mahjong is the ability to play without time, at your own pace.
Changing the background will help you customize the look of the game to your liking.
With the “Shuffle” option, mahjong changes the meaning of the tiles, keeping their number and layout.

Rules of Real Mahjong

At the beginning of the game, all tiles are laid out on the table face up, but some of them are covered by the upper tier or blocked. Look for free pairs of tiles: connected in series, they leave the game. Stones are considered unblocked if they are not covered on top and are free on at least one side – left or right.

If you do not see a suitable move, use the “Hint” button – the game will highlight the available moves, but will remove 100 points.

Points are calculated in reverse order: the game immediately calculates your balance, it automatically grows, but with each effective move, part of the load decreases. Happy passing!