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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Do you like mahjong style puzzles? Then this Mahjong Dark Dimensions game should definitely interest you. This is the only toy that contains such a large number of levels of varying difficulty and with a completely different arrangement of figures on the field. Starting the passage, you should not immediately take on difficult levels, it is best to start with something easier, and sensibly assess your capabilities.

As soon as everything becomes more or less clear, start looking for paired pieces and remove them from the field. Initially, not all chips are unlocked and to get to them, you need to release the connection with other figures. Complete levels and open access to new ones.

Who refuses to spend time with a cool puzzle and train their mindfulness, perseverance and concentration a little? One of the most famous games of this genre is mahjong, and it is for him that you will spend today.

The main task in the Mahjong Dark Dimensions game is to remove all chips with the same images from the field. To do this, you need to find them, then click on them and wait until the pair disappear from the field. With the top figures, everything is simple, but with those chips that are located below, things are more complicated. As soon as you remove all the upper rows, access to the lower ones will open. Please note that some levels will be held for a while, but there are also those where you can take your time and think as much as you like.