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Mahjong Express Zibbo

If you’ve never played mahjong before, consider yourself lucky: Mahjong Express is the best representation of an entire genre. You can play Mahjong Express on your tablet or expand it to full screen on your phone. On any device, the game runs without lags and maintains the clarity of the graphics.

Start playing Express Mahjong online and see that the puzzle is not in vain credited with the ability to mitigate the effects of stress. In the modern version of the ancient Chinese solitaire, there is a place for calmness and concentration. The game is distracting like a long walk or an exciting journey.

Thanks to the ability to play “Express Mahjong” without time with free online tips and accompanied by meditative music, which guarantees comfort and the same therapeutic effect.

This is the online version of the Mahjong board game, a single player puzzle game. You are given a board with a pyramid of tiles laid out in a special pattern in 5 layers. You must remove stones from the field by matching pairs.

In some cases, the pairs do not have to be identical, but may be thematically the same. For example, any two of the single season stones count as a pair, as do any two flower tiles.

According to the classic rules of mahjong, only pairs with a free side are played. For convenience, the online version provides color identification: tiles that are allowed to play are highlighted in blue.

In addition to its colorful graphics and soothing music, Express Mahjong stands out for its convenient difficulty setting: beginner, classic and advanced.

Mahjong Express doesn’t add anything wild to the gameplay other than the basic formula. This is a very thoughtful and convenient classic game in an online format. Check it out right now. Have a nice game.