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Elite Mahjong

Elite Mahjong is a good online version of the classic Chinese solitaire game Mahjongg. Its goal is to correctly select identical tiles to completely clear the screen in the allotted time.

Elite Mahjong was called in the first release of the game, for the opportunity to play for free in the trial version. After improvements and additions, the game was renamed. Welcome to Endless Mahjong: play online in full screen for free and without registration. Before you start the game, read the description in Russian – for ease of setup and comfortable passage.

How to play

Match two identical tiles corresponding to the classic mahjong connection conditions:

do not overlap with other tiles;
have a free large side on the left or right.

If you have chosen correctly, the tile will be highlighted in yellow and the next time you click on an unlocked pair, both will be deleted.

Cancellation of the move, hints and shuffling – are penalized with points, for an amount different in each difficulty level. To stop the time, press the “P” button, while the playing field will be hidden at the time of your rest.

Mahjong has 8 unpaired tiles: four each in the seasonal and flower group. Connect any flowers or seasons.

Starting to play elite Mahjong, pay attention to scoring. Each removed tile will bring from 30 to 100 points, depending on the speed of removal, and combo bonuses for quick play multiply the score.

The settings of Elite Mahjong are very diverse, by pressing “play” select an endless or staged passage. In the second mode, you can start with any of the 9 mahjong layouts, but after completing the level, the game will automatically suggest a new sort.

When you select the “Setting” option on the mahjong start loading screen, you can change the appearance of the game, choose the difficulty of the passage and the background.

The style of the game is set by choosing one of the types of tiles:

“classic”: mahjong with Chinese characters without numbers;
“flash”: standard tiles on a light background, with numbering;
“Children’s” – replacing hieroglyphs with clear pictures.

The difficulty of the passage is set in the menu “Skills” (SKILL). In easy, medium and hard modes of mahjong there are temporary storage cells for tiles (3, 2 and 1) according to the level of difficulty. You can remove the interfering tile from the field to remove it a little later, at the first opportunity. You will have to play classic mahjong without concessions – this is the only mode without additional cells.

Because each tile layout requires a different approach, there is no single universal strategy for playing mahjong. However, use the advice that is sure to help you win. Strive to remove the corresponding tiles in such a way that each removed tile opens up a chance to make another move. Have a nice game!