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Fruits and Vegetables Mahjong

Welcome to Mahjong “Fruits and Vegetables 2”: play in full screen online, for free and without registration on the site. Here is the best game of fruit mahjong: with large tiles of fruits and vegetables, the ability to play without time and convenient gameplay.

Everyone knows fruit and vegetable mahjong as a successful remake of the Chinese tile matching game. It is understandable: playing “connect 2 fruits” is much more interesting than “find a pair of incomprehensible letter”. But in the early releases of the Fruits and Vegetables 2 online mahjong connection, there was a small drawback: playing in full screen, even with free hints, is difficult. All because of the too small grid of mahjong connect, which, combined with the condition to play for a while, turned out to be an insurmountable obstacle, especially for beginners.In the improved mahjong, fruits and vegetables are complemented by mouth-watering berries and beautiful flowers. Chomping sounds when removing tiles cheer you up, and pleasant music sets you up for victory!

How to play

We connect 2 fruits or vegetables by successively clicking on them with the mouse. Please observe the following conditions:

you can connect a pair of identical tiles with an open edge, or already connected on the playing field;
change the strategy for solving the puzzle depending on the behavior of the pictures: after level 3 they move with each move.

To play mahjong without time, connect 2 fruits as quickly as possible. Matching tiles disables the timer for a few seconds, while a good pace returns lost seconds

Strictly speaking, Fruits and Vegetables Mahjong is a Connect 2 logic puzzle that looks more like modern solitaire mahjong solitaire than the ancient gambling game invented by Confucius. From that game of mahjong, only the general principle of matching pairs remained. But by replacing the classic images of mahjong with fruits, vegetables and flowers, it was possible to achieve special visual comfort during the passage.

Play the new online Mahjong “Fruits and Vegetables” in full screen and check it out for free right now!