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Mahjong Butterfly 2

This is a game of Mahjong Butterfly 2 with the most beautiful photos of the rarest moths on the planet. It trains concentration, improves visual perception, and also acts relaxing and distracts from the hassle. One day, the game of Shanghai mahjong “Butterflies” conquered the Internet and made everyone love logic puzzles with the search for a pair. Remember the classic butterflies from Mahjong Kyodai (1999), where paired pictures are replaced by moth wings that fly away from the field as soon as they are combined into a set? Simple and clear gameplay without distractions, beautiful presentation and crazy excitement are back right now!

Welcome to Mahjong Butterfly 2: Play for free in full screen with the newest version in full screen. This time you need to connect butterflies by HD photo until you get access to all paired pictures. Otherwise, this is a simple mahjong connection with a beautiful design, pleasant music and convenient controls.

How to quickly connect pairs of butterflies

The goal of Mahjong Butterfly 2 is to clear the board as quickly as possible by clicking on the available pairs of butterflies. If you delete the corresponding photos too slowly, time will run out before you complete the level. But the opposite effect of “pumping the timer” also works: the faster you remove the butterflies, the more time accumulates.

The easiest matching pair is when butterflies of the same species are located next to each other on the edge of the board or somewhere in the middle. Since they are easy to spot, look for these simple pairs first to clear the center of the board as soon as possible.

An alternative strategy might be to save some of the obvious matches for when time runs out faster than usual.

You still have several in-game assistance options:

highlighting allows you to connect 2 butterflies available to match;
the shuffle function saves the location map, leaving open spaces that you’ve already cleared.

Keep the following in mind to keep pace:

the butterfly connection path must be open;
connection lines cannot be turned more than 2 times;
butterflies do not connect along the outer edge of the board (the exception is paired butterflies located side by side).

Finally, a secret: the more often you try to play Butterfly Chinese Solitaire, the faster you can find available pairs. This increase in skill is evidence that concentration and visual perception improve with practice! So even if you don’t succeed at first, don’t get discouraged. Just keep playing.