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Mahjong Towers

You are welcome to the legendary mahjong “Tower”: play for free in full screen with different types of “connect pairs” layouts. Since ancient times, this game has been considered the best attention concentration training and is recommended at any age as an interesting activity that encourages brain relaxation and enhanced training.

The original name of the game is “Mahjong Tower” (Mahjong Tower) or “Mahjong Tower”. It is based on the rule of the classic Chinese game of connecting paired tiles to completely clear the game board.

How to play

Select the mahjong layout – the type of tower you want to dismantle. This version of the game has eight different spread combinations:

the ideal tower in the form of a regular pyramid, consists of 176 tiles, available in 11 levels;
a rectangular tower of 60 tiles, with a challenge for 4 levels of mahjong;
built-in tower of 88 tiles, 2 modes;
x-shaped tower, 100 tiles, 10 levels;
stop-tile mahjong “Crown” with 3 levels;
the game “Maltese cross” for the connection of 76 pairs, in 7 levels;
“Butterfly Wings” – mahjong of 168 tiles, 5 levels;
mahjong “Castle tower” on 2 levels.

Delete matching pictures by selecting them one by one with the mouse. Try to free most of the hidden tiles by reducing the number of floors in the tower. You can only connect free tiles (not covered by others, with a free right or left side). Only identical pairs are removed, unless they belong to the “flowers” or “seasons” suit.

You can play mahjong for points, with or without a timer. The score is displayed in the upper left corner. For unsuccessful attempts to connect pairs, the game reduces the earned score.

If you get stuck in the passage, you can use bonuses:

game advice (hint in the form of a short flash of matching pairs);
shuffle the tiles by pressing the button with two arrows.

In this case, the layout (view of the tower) will not change, the tiles will be shuffled while maintaining open spaces.

Did you like this online version of mahjong solitaire? If you want to continue, we will be happy to offer other options for the game, all free, without registration and installation on a computer.