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Kris Mahjong Animals

Looking for the classic Mahjong Connect to play online for free and without registration in social networks? Congratulations on rare luck! Here is Kris  Mahjong animal game to help you exercise your brain. Match matching animals to clear the board as quickly as possible. Have you played this many times? The new version of “Kris Mahjong Connect 2 Animal” is much harder and better!

Welcome to the game “Kris Mahjong: Animals” – play online in full screen, for free and without downloading to your computer. This is the third in a series of puzzles “Connect 2” – “Kris Mahjong” in HTML5. Unlike its predecessors, no level restrictions. Only the number of pairs for a connection grows in each stage. Can you complete the level before time runs out?
Game features

Get pairing animal pairing tips unlimited. Shuffle the tiles whenever you want. Shuffling mixes all Mahjong animals, leaving previously vacated areas open. Great, but be careful: the difficulty of this game is the need to connect pets by clicking on the central area of ​​​​the piece!

How to play Kris Mahjong Animals

Match pairs of unlocked tiles with the same animals to clear the game table. For the match to be correct, there can only be two 90 degree angles on the path connecting the two tiles.

You will lose if you fail before the time runs out. Fortunately, each connection of 2 pets slows down the timer by a couple of seconds.

There are also several important help functions. The first option, if you get stuck, is to choose a hint. If you do not see suitable combinations, click shuffle! The game will rearrange all the tiles on the board to the new position.
Benefits of Playing Kris Mahjong: Animals

The need to hastily connect pairs of pets stimulates concentration.
The rule of marking pictures of animals exactly in the center trains visual perception.
The search for the most profitable connection combinations develops logical thinking.
The shuffles of this version of “Connect 2” are not limited as hints. If you manage to create many matches in a row with an interval of no more than a couple of seconds, pump your concentration and get a bonus.

If you like Kris mahjong, check out other versions of Connect Mahjong: Connect Animals 2 and Match a Pair of Animals. Recall that “Connect Mahjong” is a one-layer “match-a-pair” puzzles, where instead of Chinese characters there are pictures of pets: cats and dogs, wild animals and even magical unicorns. The most popular game of the genre is Butterfly Mahjong HD. We wish you a pleasant and useful leisure time.