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Mahjong Mania Quest

Mahjong Mania Quest is a stunning 3D version of an ancient Chinese game with an interesting design. Here, layout grids come in the most incredible shapes, and magic pieces complement the classic mahjong tiles. Can you remove identical and free pairs in each level to collect the quest gold and move on? Let’s find out and have some fun!

You can play Mahjong Mania Quest in full screen in 3D 3D format, enjoy the advantages of the online version without ads for free. Accompany girl Alice on a magical journey through the land of mahjong. Pass many tests and be chosen!

Your task at each level is to clear the grid of all tiles. Complete the stage before the timeline reaches zero. Hurry up: the more stars you collect, the richer the loot, which means more bonuses in the next stages.

To remove a couple of tiles, simply click or tap them, one by one, with your computer mouse (laptop/desktop) or your finger (mobile/tablet).

Features of Mahjong Mania Quest

Multi-level mahjong solitaire with a variety of layouts. Volumetric 3d format of the game and illumination of unlocked chips by default.

Unlike the first game “Mahjong Mania” with the task of connecting only paired free pieces, “Mahjong Mania Quest” allows the connection of one-color pictures. Immediately 10 chips of two suits are freely combined within their kind. So a blue boat tile can connect with a cactus, an elephant, an owl, or a cup because of the same background. As well as the yellow chip “beetle” will complement the “shoe”, “fox”, “bird” and “fish”.

If you get stuck in the game, press the “Hint” button, tap “Shuffle”, “Output one color” or “Explode”.