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Mahjong Zuma

The dull cannon spent its next inconspicuous day bored. She is assigned a very simple task – guarding the secret entrance to the cave. If anyone tries to enter the cave, the cannon should immediately destroy everyone. Our formidable weapon is loaded with large balls of various colors, which, when fired, demolish everything that comes across in its path. But it is also possible that the enemy can cheat and use the same balls in battle. They purposefully, not a step to the side, are moving along a cunningly invented track to the forbidden entrance. If at least one ball penetrates the cave, you will be defeated at the same moment.

Mahjong Zuma gives you the opportunity to deal with the influx of enemy advances through combat. Can’t you do it? Nonsense, especially at the first levels. Launch balls of the same color into the gathered crowd of the same balls to completely destroy them. To do this, it will be enough to collect from three or more balls of the same color. Thus, you need to break the whole chain up to the last ball. For this Mahjong Zuma will declare you the winner. But this only applies to one level, as there are many more battles ahead of you. With each subsequent level, the flow of advancing balls will increase in length and more effort will have to be added.