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Mahjong Chain Classic

Surely everyone at least once tried to play Mahjong Chain Classic – with Chinese tiles or in the form of a connect-pair game. But few people know the secret of the popularity of the simplest Mahjong gameplay: why is the game where you need to connect pairs of identical pictures so interesting that thousands of clones are successful? It turns out that the Mahjong Link game is strategically meditative: it has a relaxing effect, clears the mind and stimulates visual memory.

Welcome to Mahjong Chain Classic  – play in full screen in the free full version of the game for 12 levels. Initially, the Link mahjong variety is very different from the traditional multi-layered. Instead of removing paired tiles from the pyramid, where some of the pictures are hidden, you get an expanded playing field in the form of a grid.

How to play

The essence of the game “Mahjong Chain Classic” lies in the name: “Link” means “link” or “chain”. You need to consistently connect the same stones, removing them from the game. When you click on the pair you want to remove, a link chain (or “link”) appears. Then the marked tiles disappear.

The process is complicated by obstacles in the form of blocking tiles. At the beginning of the game, you can only connect pairs that are in contact with faces or located on the same side of the table. The more stones you link chains of links, the easier it is to play. The main thing is that the connection line should not be refracted more than twice.

How to play Mahjong Chain Classic

Blocking pictures in Mahjong Chain Classic are not the only problem. Time also plays against you: the longer you think, the sooner the timer expires. To turn on the countdown, you need to find a pair as soon as possible. Any effective action stops the countdown of seconds, knowing this trick will save game progress and help you go further.

If you don’t know how to continue, and the timeline is approaching the critical red sector, ask the game for advice by pressing the “search” button and rather click on the transferred combinations. The stopwatch will count back. Do not abuse this bonus! The number of clues is limited to 6 at the first level, with an addition of 2 for each parsed table.

There are 5 challenge levels in the complete Mahjong Chain Classic game. At the same time, the playing field does not change: “Mahjong Chain Classic” is always single-layer, in the form of a table, with the same number of tiles. But the way to play changes – each move shifts the location of the remaining cells! If there are no moves at any point in the game, a message will appear indicating this. The grid will automatically adjust so you can keep playing.

In general, this version of the online “Mahjong Chain Classic” is the most classic, with a common aesthetic of the traditional Chinese theme, Russian translation of the rules and digital prompts. Happy passing!