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Mahjong Connect Timeless

If you tried to play 12 levels of mahjong connection “Mahjong Link” or “Mahjong Chain”, then you will subconsciously feel the connection with the classic mahjong connection HD. And get the best experience of the match-pair puzzles with shanghai mahjongkong tiles.

We invite you to free “Mahjong Connect Timeless” – play online 12 levels of Chinese puzzles. Expand the playing field to full screen, so it is more convenient to look for paired pictures, and nice looking graphics will help you concentrate.

And in each of the 12 levels of the mahjong connection, a special way to play is implemented, it becomes possible to change the layout by a successful coincidence, due to the shift of a whole row.

How to play

Connect pairs of identical tiles by alternating mouse clicks. The only condition for communication is the absence of barriers. Imagine that an imaginary line connecting pairs cannot change direction more than two times.

The ability to play “Mahjong Connect Timeless” without time is also implemented in the game for free, but it will require the coordination of strategic skills and attentiveness. Try to find the connection of a pair of identical tiles as quickly as possible. A successful move will stop the timer and return 10 seconds to the total time.

If you cannot find a pair, press the help button in the lower right corner of the playing field. Highlighting a possible match will help keep the game going. Shuffling of tiles is connected at stalemate moments automatically an unlimited number of times. But the number of hints for all 12 levels is fixed. Use help sparingly to complete the entire game.

Finally, advice: even if you can’t collect all the pairs of pictures at first, keep trying. The practice of daily playing Mahjong Connect Timeless will definitely help the development of memory and attentiveness. The more often you try to play, the more details the brain takes into account and unconsciously builds the right action strategy to win. The desire to keep the pace of the game spurs attention and awakens the internal reserves of the brain to analyze faster. Bookmark the Mahjong Connect Timeless game and continue playing on your computer online at any time without downloading and registering!