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Krismas Mahjong

Do you want a holiday feeling? Expand the game window to full screen and go play online free Krismas Mahjong connect pairs! The excitement of searching for paired items for a while will remind you of a pre-holiday commotion!

New Year or Krismas Mahjong is created based on the simplified rules of the ancient logic game. They are related by observation, reaction speed and the ability to concentrate, which are very desirable for successful completion. You don’t have to develop a game strategy, everything is extremely simple: study the pictures and connect the paired ones.
How to play Christmas Mahjong

Follow the common goal of all mahjongs: look for the same pieces to remove from the game board. The difference is in the selection rules: in our case, you can only connect in a straight line, no more than 2 turns are allowed.
Game advantages and difficulties

The main difficult moment: the time limit, in each round it is reduced by 2 seconds. In order to have time, pay attention to this feature: when a chip is removed from the field, its place is taken by the one located behind it, that is, the entire column moves up. This changes the connections in two adjacent columns.
As the levels increase, more thematic pictures appear.
At the start, the player is given 1 hint, use it in a dead-end situation when you do not see pairs to connect. For successful combinations of chips (combos), mahjong gives one more hint as a bonus.
You can shuffle the pictures, with the new placement there will surely be additional pairs.
The Clapperboard Bonus will remove two random symbols with pairs from the game.

Management is done with the left mouse button: to connect, you need to click on one, then on the second chip. Good luck mahjong!