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War Mahjong

Peculiar game War Mahjong from the mahjong series is an unusual puzzle game. It is not suitable for small children, since it is impossible to do without clear concentration and logical thinking. All that is needed is to try to destroy all the cones from the playing field. To do this, the player will have to look for chips with the same pictures that are next to each other. There may be two, three or more. The larger the group of identical chips, the more points will be credited to the player.

Disappeared chips will entail the fall of the next, higher bones with pictures. New pictures may appear in place of the disappeared cubes. And this may happen several times. As soon as one column is completely destroyed, the rest move towards each other.

There is a positive thing about the free War Mahjong game that can be played in full screen. It will help you get through the game if you do everything right. If the player manages to make a combo while the tiles disappear, a bomb will appear that can destroy one chip. The more combos, the more bombs will appear. At the end of the game, when there are practically no combinations, they will come in very handy.