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Union Mahjong

An amazing surprise for lovers of the ancient game of Mahjong. The exciting game Union Mahjong will take its players to the mysterious and unexplored world of ancient Egypt, where it will allow you to plunge headlong into its history and mystical atmosphere. In this incredible world, you forget about time and unfinished business. This game will saturate you with positive and incredible impressions. You will have to start the Union Mahjong by choosing a suitable background for you. It can be the landscape of Egypt, dazzling diamonds, castles of incredible beauty, Egyptian sculptures known to the whole world, and so on.

The entire playing field will be filled with pieces with drawings of plants and animals. You need to try to remove them from the field. If a group of identical bones has a free left or right side, it will disappear, but others cannot. Therefore, you will have to free their sides too. As soon as the field is completely cleared, a new level will open.

On our unique site you can find the whole series of exciting Mahjong games, as well as play Union Mahjong online for free, without even having to download it to your PC. Give yourself a little peace and tranquility.