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Mahjong Cook 2

“Kitchen Mahjong 2” – an updated version of the connection game “Mahjong Kitchen”. This is a difficult but interesting time puzzle where you have to find pairs of tiles with the same picture of kitchen utensils and connect them to remove them from the board.

The difference between the game “Kitchen Mahjong” V 2.0 and the older release V 0.97 is small: both versions can be played online, in full screen, for free and without registration. The design of the tiles uses the same pictures of kitchen utensils, but with the update the number of levels has increased: now there are 6 of them. In the game instructions, a description of the features of each level has been added to the visual diagram of the correct connection.

The main difference of the game “Kitchen Mahjong 2” in the improvement of the hint function: at each level you get 3 legitimate “indulgences” – if you get stuck, press the “HINT” button – the game will make a move for you. The second important point is that you can influence the time: each connected pair brings points +2 seconds to the total duration of the level.

How to play

Connect paired pictures with the mouse to clear the field within the specified time. Set the most convenient format for displaying the playing field. You can play Kitchen Mahjong in full screen or use the dimensions provided by the developer. The game is played against the clock, it is important to search quickly and with concentration!
Secrets of passing

A good strategy for playing Kitchen Mahjong Connect is to maximize the space to create direct connections between pictures. Immediately remove pairs with a common side (placed side by side).

Only in “Kitchen Mahjong 2” you can influence the duration of the level. For each wrong move, the game fines for 10 seconds, and correct moves are awarded with a bonus of 2 seconds. Do not rush to click on the picture until you have found a pair, you will get a fine!

There is an opinion that “Kitchen Mahjong” is a purely female game due to the presence of kitchen and household items in the design. In fact, a man can do just as well with sorting dishes and various cooking devices, it is important to look for matching pairs and quickly connect, clearing the background. We hope you enjoy!