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Butterfly Kyodai HD

Ready for the pluses of the elite game Butterfly Mahjong 3: free to play without time and in full screen? You will get more than expected! The new solitaire connection “Kyodai HD Butterflies” can be played immediately on the big screen and is not limited in time. The usual 9 levels of mahjong were supplemented with new challenges, and the hint interface was supplemented with free bonuses for each solitaire played out. Do you want to play without sound, make the passage easy or complicate the game? Everything is possible!

Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong is a remake of the classic Shanghai game “Mahjong Gardens” – you could play the first version over 10 years ago. Since then, the game has been improved many times, the results can be judged by the releases of Paired Butterflies, Connect Butterfly.

Features of Mahjong Kyodai Butterfly HD

The new version of the logic game has been expanded to 12 levels – easy at first, with a gradual increase in difficulty. The goal remains the same for mahjong connect: collect the wings of all the butterflies by connecting the tiles in a straight line, with one or two turns. At the same time, concentration of attention is trained in a new way, very high quality.

The main thing is that the game turned out to be very relaxing: fluttering butterflies maintain an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation, their multi-colored wings shimmer in many shades, but do not distract from the game.

The main feature of Mahjong “Butterflies” – incredible animation in 3 parts brought to perfection. It is worth finding 2 identical wings, the butterfly comes to life, soars over the playing field and flies away, freeing up space. Each movement is accompanied by a soothing rustle. There is no stress associated with the need to consider time. You have a decent head start and each successful connection adds as much as 10 seconds! All this creates an atmosphere of calm concentration, which sharpens observation and clarifies thoughts.