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Butterfly Mahjong

Ready to play Butterfly Mahjong – the developers of the best Butterfly Kuodai game have unexpectedly improved the online version! Remember the first connection “join the wings” – it was almost impossible to reach the final level 10 in the time trial game. Now online Butterfly Mahjong is a solitaire game with 60 different stages of increasing difficulty. You can play almost without time, right now. You’ll want to check it out, enjoy your game!

We invite you to play Butterfly Mahjong or “Butterfly Kyodai” online in the free full version! This cute Mahjong Connect game has 60 levels.

Pair the wings of butterflies of the same color and a beautiful moth will fly away from the stone tiles. The main condition of the connection: the trajectory of the connecting line should not be refracted more than two times. When applying this rule, act quickly and free all the butterflies.

Note: The Butterfly Mahjong HTML5 game does not require any special plugins to run. So it works well in full screen even on mobile and tablet.

How to play Butterfly Mahjong

Take your time: this is a version of the Kuodai Butterfly game without serious time limits, look for a logical course of action.

Focus on removing close connections first. The identical butterfly wings located side by side are easy to notice, while the game will have more space for new combinations.

If you get really stuck and can’t complete the puzzle, use the hint system.