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Marine Mahjong

Come to the free “Sea Mahjong”: play in full screen and enjoy the most beautiful version of the famous puzzle! This mahjong is aimed at relaxation. The peaceful view of the sea, the sound of the waves and the design of the tiles – everything gives a pleasant relaxation and helps to streamline your thoughts! At the same time, the game trains concentration, improving visual perception.

The main thing that distinguishes the game “Sea Mahjong” from “Classic Mahjong” is the “pair up” approach to time. The unfolding lasts 40 minutes, which is quite a lot, you can say that you are playing without time. But replenishment of the balance depends on how quickly a pair is searched. The player can choose his style of play: play slowly or focus, spurred on by an incentive to earn more points.
How to play

The rules of “Sea Mahjong” are similar to the classic ones: remove the same tiles to clear the picture of the playing field.

You will only be able to play with an “unlocked” chip: not topped, with one free left or right side.

Special Tiles

In “Sea Mahjong” there are 2 types of tiles that are comparable to each other regardless of the similarity of the picture:

“molluscs” (marine analogue of “flowers”).


Sea Mahjong has several useful control buttons:

PAUSE: you can play interrupted without losing progress;
SHUFFLE: shuffling tiles, used to get new combinations.

Each time you use this service, the game takes 200 points.