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Mahjong Mania

Looking for traditional Japanese solitaire mahjong without registration and ads? Stop searching! Online game “Mahjong Mania” (Mahjong Mania) in Russian is free in the full version and allows you to play without any restrictions. Try to solve mahjong puzzles at your own pace, make the game more difficult with different modes, and beat 150 layouts to the expert level.

But first, we recommend playing Mahjong Mania Solitaire in full screen (it is more convenient to recognize the tiles this way) and strive to connect the chips as soon as possible. Only in this way will you put your skills to the most difficult and rewarding test. The desire to build a connection as soon as possible will make you act concentrated and clear, which will improve the skill of mindfulness, quick wit and visual memory.

Features of Mahjong Mania

Easy to play in full screen, in Russian.
All hint and undo functions are free.
The simple game format brings the classic Qing Dynasty mahjong rules to life in a modern way, but retains the Asian culture vibe in the graphics and sounds.

How to play Mahjong Mania Solitaire

The goal of the game is to connect all the Japanese dominoes within a given time. Using the mouse, select a pair of free tiles on both sides and free part of the field. Continue playing until complete disassembly.

Depending on the chosen difficulty level, you can play with several sets of connect tiles or try dismantling a multi-layered pyramid. At the same time, you achieve the highest scores and compete for a bronze, silver or gold trophy. Complete all 150 exciting levels categorized from easy and medium to the most difficult challenge. So you can quickly learn the basics of mahjong and improve your brain skills in no time at all!