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Mahjong Connect 1

Mahjong Connect 1 is an almost classic version of this Chinese solitaire game. It consists of several levels, the transition to which looks like a journey through the map. Time to complete each stage is limited. There are several auxiliary buttons on the right side of the screen that either remove chips or give a hint.

Mahjong Connect 1 game is perfect for training mindfulness and perseverance. The main goal of the game is to clear the playing field from all the chips on it. To start deleting them, just find the same images and click on them. The patterns depicted on the chips can only be repeated once, so try to find them as soon as possible among the wide variety of pictures. Having cleared the field of chips, you will receive a good reward on your bonus account and with each level you can increase it several times.

A completely new interesting game Mahjong Connect 1 is able to captivate even the most avid gamer. Oriental motifs beckon the player with a mysterious atmosphere. But one has only to press the start button and you immediately find yourself in the outback of China, where charming music sounds. Due to the fact that Logic Mahjong is an online game, you can simply open it on your PC and enjoy the process completely free of charge.

The main idea of ​​this fun is to find cards with the same pictures and try to connect them. Once a pair has been found, simply hover over the cards and click. They will immediately disappear from the playing field. To end the game as a winner, you need to make sure that there is not a single game card left. You can add a pair as follows: first, just click on any card, and then look for another one, opening everything in a row. But when you look for the first pair, try to remember as much as possible where everything was located, as these cards will immediately close.

This game has a lot of levels, so you can enjoy the gameplay for a long time. Join the world of Mahjong and become a part of it.