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Mahjong Connect 5

Time to play Chinese mahjong solitaire masterfully! Relax, take a look at the game table and collect pairs without being distracted for a while. More than 100 Mahjong Tower layouts with 3 difficulty levels and unlimited hints are waiting for you.

Welcome to Mahjong Connect 5 – play free online with large bones on your smartphone or home computer. This is a Chinese mahjong game with clues that is most useful for adults and understandable for children.

Rules of the Mahjong Connect 5

The goal is to clear the game board by connecting pairs of open tiles. In some cases, the tiles do not have to be the same (like two coins or a pair of bamboo shoots). But they still count as couples on the topic, for example: two of the four tiles are “seasons” (say, summer and spring) or different types of flowers.

According to the classic mahjong rules, you can connect pairs with at least one free side. Therefore, if you look at the mahjong tower from top to bottom, you can see a lot of open tiles, but in fact only the outermost ones, as well as those that are in the highest tier, are available.

The peculiarity of the Mahjong Connect 5 is the use of a special scoring scheme. You can play without time, but with an eye on the timer, you will get the highest score.

Also the strength of  Mahjong Connect 5  in the variety of towers. After passing all the levels, you can choose from 150 layout shapes, whether they are signs of the zodiac, letters, outlines of animals or flowers.